James Connolly’s 1902 Yiddish election leaflet translated

It’s reassuring to see that a leading light in the Irish Republican struggle for independence sought the support of and unity with Irish Jewish community in Dublin. I’m curious why a distinction is drawn between Jewish workers and Irish workers. Is it a clumsy translation? Were Dublin Jews 1st generationl immigrants? Or did Irish Republicans, like other Europeans, see Jews as outsiders?

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We’ve already touched on James Connolly’s 1902 Yiddish election leaflet before. Below is the translated version copied from Saothar 13. Also worth reading in the issue is Manus O’Riordan’s excellent article entitled ‘Connolly Socialism and the Jewish Worker’.

The following is the 1902 Yiddish leaflet authored by Boris Kahan, Secretary of the East London Jewish branch of the SDF, as translated for Saothar bu Sid Resnick, of the US Yiddish socialist newspaper, Morning Greiheit, on 12 May, 1987, the 71st anniversary of Connolly’s execution.


On 15th January, the Municipal elections will take place and you are asked to consider for whom to cast your vote. But, before your reach your decision we, Jewish Social Democrats, wish to say a few words.

There are three candidates on the list for the Wood Quay Ward: you have here a Home Ruler, another a publican, and one labour candidate of the…

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It is not only on racism that the far right are mobilising

Hey! All you remain campaigners. If you genuinely seek solidarity with other Europeans then the struggle against the rise of racism and fascism is THE EU fight you need to take part in.

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My speech at the first plenary session of yesterday’s international conference at Friends House, London: “How do we defeat the rise of fascism and racism?” 

Here is a quote:

“We are fighting an enemy that is different from us. Not open, but hiding; not straightforward but crafty; not honest but base; not national but international; does not believe in working but speculates with money; does not have its own homeland but feels it owns the whole world. They are not generous but vengeful, and always attack the heart.”

It sounds like classic 1930s Hitler antisemitism.

It is from an election campaign in March this year in Hungary. That was Victor Orban whose party Fidesz won the election, talking about Georg Soros a Hungarian Jew, successful businessman and supporter of human rights, especially pro-refugee campaigns. When Orban won the election Boris Johnson sent a gushing tweet of congratulation.

20171115134852 Poland, 2018

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